Does My Project Need Review by the IRB

Not Human Subjects Research

Studies that do not involve human subjects or do not meet definition of research are considered Not Human Subjects Research (NHSR) and do not require review by the IRB. Studies that are Human Subjects research must be submitted in IBIS for IRB review (exempt, expedited, or full board review).

 Click below to see if your project is 'Not Human Subjects Research':

Not Human Subjects Research Self Certification Tool

If your project is determined to be Not Human Subjects Research, you may print the report as documentation of this determination. If you plan to publish the results of your project, you can submit the report along with a description of the project (protocol) to the IRB via email ( and the IRB will give you a written opinion.

You must not conduct Human Subject Research without obtaining IRB review. If a determination has been made that a project is Not Human Subjects Research through the tool above, without consultation from the IRB, publications must not claim the project was IRB approved.

Below is a chart that you can use to help decide if the project is research involving human subjects.

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