University Fees

The University of Miami’s, Human Subject Research Office (HSRO) will assess the following fees:

  1. HSRO Processing Fee: A fee that is charged according to submission type (see below HSRO fee schedule) and applicable to all industry supported studies.

  2. External IRB Administrative Fee: A one-time fee charged to a new submission and applicable to all industry supported studies (see below HSRO fee schedule). 

All fees will be collected through a Central Workday Journal and will post to  spend category SC08007 - Interdepartmental  / Intercompany  - IRB Protocol Review Fee

The account/driver information provided in the billing activity will be used to process HSRO fees. If a sponsored account has not been established prior to the submission, the appropriate account to be used for payment is the corresponding Departmental IRB account number.

HSRO Fee Schedule

Effective January 30, 2004. Next revision date is *October 1, 2020

Submission Type Type Fees
New Studies $2,800 $3,000 *
Continuing Review $1,300
Request for Modification,
there are two types:

Other parts of the study

Study team member Information No charge
 Modification & Continuing Review 

when submitted simultaneously $1,800
Final Review $250
External IRB Administrative $1,000 $1,500 *

*If submission is received prior to 9/30/2020, the fees are $2,800 or $1,000 as indicated; for submissions received after 10/1/2020, the fees will then be $3,000* and $1,500* as indicated.


Central IRB (sIRB) for Multi-site Research

Effective June 1, 2021, UM will apply a new IRB fee schedule to serve as Central IRB for multi-site research. The new fee schedule will apply to new studies submitted on or after this date and studies reaching grant renewal.  These fees must be incorporated into the grant or contract budget when conducting multi-site trials where UM will be the IRB of record.

 The updated fees associated with these types of submissions are provided below.

Type of Submission
Review Fee Per Site
Initial Review
Continuing Review