Loggin in to eProst:

If you already have an eProst account, click the Login link in the upper right hand corner of this page and log in with your Cane ID username and password.

If you do not yet have an eProst account, complete the New Account Request Form at the bottom of this page. You will need to have a valid C-number in order to request an account.

Submission Process:

Before opening a submission, be sure that the correct Forms & Templates are used.  Answer the questions and click Continue to save your information.  When you reach the end, click the Finish button. 

For modifications:


*   Not required if tracked version is provided in word document

**Not required if summary of changes is embedded in IB

Note: If updated Investigator Brochure includes revisions to risk profile or expected adverse reactions, please submit this within 5 business days via an RNI

Steps After Submitting:

  • Your study may require specilized review by an Ancillary Committee which is conducted in parallel with the IRB review. You will need to contact the committee assigned to your study and submit the research to that Committee according to the Committee’s requirements.

  • If your study is cancer related, please submit all study related materials to the PRMC via the PRMC Electronic Submission (PES) Form at PES https://bbcapps.ad.med.miami.edu:8443/PES/login.htm

  • Principal Investigators are required ensure that all study team members hold current CITI certification

  • All team members must complete the Disclosure process